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Agape Way

This is an online training program for ages 9 to 11 that is currently in development.  The series of 52 to 54 lessons will disciple children in God’s word to have a strong foundation in God’s love and who they are in Christ.  Agape Way is a fun and motivating series that guides the children through 3 levels of advancement in six different categories:

  • God and relationship
  • The Bible as the Word of God
  • Jesus and salvation
  • Who we are in Christ
  • The Church
  • How to live the Christian life today

The program will also have a parental component that involves the parent in the child’s spiritual development. Each parent is responsible for the spiritual growth of their child and we will help them realize that role and help equip them for the task. The parents will have access to the dashboard of their child’s progress but it is up to the child to do the work. There is a component where the child and parent are required to read verses and pray together each day.

We’ll keep you updated as to the progress for the important endeavor.  Because it is such a major undertaking, fund raising is a major effort.

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